As with our training and capacity building work, our advocacy work is based on research and is evidence-based.

We have successfully engaged in long-term advocacy processes that have changed practice, such as our advocacy work with the South African Police Service (SAPS). We have engaged and worked with SAPS over many years, obtaining crucial buy-in for members to participate in research and be trained on programmes such as the ‘Gender Based Violence and the Law’ programme, which saw over 1400 learners trained, and more recently the ‘Improving Access to Health & Justice for the LGBTI Community’ programme, which commenced in 2017. See links below for more information:

We have also been at the forefront of broader advocacy efforts with various NGOs, collectives and provincial desks. Our role thereafter will be to monitor services provided and to influence future direction. Given our strong relationships with SAPS, etc. we are able to access top management structures which enables us to be more effective in our advocacy. This position also enables us to provide a go-between role for other CBO’s and NGO’s, and better assist survivors and families as needed, advocating on their behalf for services and justice.