Child Abuse Explained

Child abuse explained

Sexual Harassment Manual

Opposing all forms of discrimination and sexual harassment at work has become an integral part of the South African workplace. There has also been an acknowledgment that we need to start looking at how we can comprehensively handle the social and legal issues related to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Download the Afrikaans version here.

Criminal Law Sexual Offences Amendment Act 32 of 2007

The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Amendment Act (called ‘the Act’ in this booklet) has been in effect since 16 December 2007 and affects the punishment of sexual crimes committed after this date.

Download the Sesotho version here.

Download the Xhosa version here.

Download the Zulu version here.

Woman Know Your Rights

A simplified guide to your rights against sexual violence.

Myths About Rape

If we wantto promote and create safe spaces in our homes, communities, workplaces and minds we need to challenge the attitudes, perceptions and behaviors that we all have around sexual violence.

You And Rape

This booklet is our contribution to sharing the information we’ve gathered from our experience over the years. The book has been updated several times. With this latest update, Rape Crisis has included the new sexual offences act and recent information regarding medical and social aspects of rape.

Download the Afrikaans version here.

Download the Xhosa version here.

How To Deal With HIV After Rape

This booklet guides you on what to do, and explains other medical things that you need to attend to after the rape. This booklet also tells you what to do if you want to know the HIV status of your rapist. And it explains how to report rape.