Community Development

We work alongside communities to build awareness about sexual orientation and gender identity, and to shift narratives to be more inclusive and affirming. We do this through advocacy, training and community engagement activities.

Our model recognises that we all have agency – as individuals and communities – to change our lived experiences. We work with communities from where they are, to a position where they are able to work alongside LGBTI communities as allies.

Shifting narratives

We’ve included transcripts below of some of the comments received while interviewing participants after a recent intervention in South East Ekurhuleni in Gauteng, South Africa.

“I believe [the intervention] changed lots of participants’ mindsets, and it’s going to help when people interact with the police. [After this training] SAPS’ community service centre (CSC) members will know what to do, to be sensitive to needs, and so on.” LGBTI community member – Tsakane

“I’m going to approach [the LGBTI community] differently; before the training I was … in the dark, I was so sceptical when I approached [LGBTI community members], but now I have changed” SAPS member – Tsakane

“This course has changed my attitude and my approach to [LGBTI community members] … they are created in the image of God and … they have the right to be treated like any other person” SAPS member – Tsakane

“This training will help the SAPS to work hand in hand with the LGBTI community and empower SAPS members” SAPS member – Tsakane