2012 CHIETA Coops Project

In 2012 CHIETA contracted Redpeg to implement a project focused on co-operatives in the sector. There was an acknowledgement that co-operatives have been undeserved and their needs not fully understood.

SAPS Baseline KAP Survey Report

The purpose of this baseline research survey, which led to the writing of this report, was to study the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of gender based violence among police union members in South Africa. The intended use of this report is to direct the materials planning for the HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence and the Law training programme that is to be rolled out for police union members as part of the Global Fund Round 9 phase II programme.

2012 CHIETA HIVAIDS Programme

74% of CHIETA company employees indicated that more training was required, and that they had not received enough.

SHWP Case Study Booklet

Redpeg is currently evaluating its two-year training programme on HIV/AIDS management in the workplace in South Africa. The programme reached 182 organisations ranging from small to medium size companies, to nongovernment organisations, to municipalities. It began in 2008 and will be completed this year. This report is one component of the evaluation.

MerSETA HIVAIDS Project Evaluation

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the effectiveness and efficacy of the MerSETA HIV/AIDS Project that was developed and implemented by Redpeg.

Redpeg - HIV GBV & Law

The Redpeg HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence and the Law programme is part of the objective to Address Social and Structural Drivers of HIV, STI and TB Prevention, Care and Impact with a focus on Gender Based Violence. The programme designed for this objective was conceptualised, researched, and designed and developed by Redpeg.