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EVALUATE. We believe that planning, monitoring and evaluation are essential to project management processes, and we build these into every programme we conceptualise and deliver. We also provide planning, monitoring and evaluation services to organisations in a way that is participatory and involves all stakeholders in the ‘what, how and by when’ of the project while maintaining a strong external and objective stance.


"We take the approach that all activities require well-managed monitoring and evaluation that is logically planned and integrated into management systems"


PLANNING. Projects must be planned to include M&E at suitable points, with tailored instruments and effective tools. Good planning at the start of a project, that is informed by research activities, is often key to the success of a project. Often the most important part of a planning function is to integrate the findings of these analyses into action, processes and functions within a project. Enza is able to ‘translate' the findings of research analyses into planning and strategic processes.

MONITORING & EVALUATION (M&E). We are experienced in auditing policies and procedures to ensure alignment and coordination. 

  • MONITORINGMonitoring is a process of tracking processes, decisions, systems and functions. We believe that it’s not only a tracking function, but when implemented correctly it also serves as an early warning ‘red light' function that a situation, service or product may be compromising a project. Once a project is conceptualised and objectives have been created, the M&E components may be designed and developed to suit. We develop customised monitoring frameworks and tools that can be used throughout the life of the project. 
  • EVALUATION. An evaluation is there to determine what parts of the project were a success or a failure. We believe that the evaluation should be as utilisation focused as possible. What does that mean? Basically, that the evaluation should not start once a project is finalised, but should be present from the beginning and able to make inputs into the project in terms of the success and challenges being faced. The ability of the project to take these findings into account and modify the project can then also be evaluated. While Enza maintains a strong external, objective stance as evaluators, our approach is to be as participatory as possible so that all stakeholders are included in the process through well-managed communication channels, as well as in the design and development of the evaluation processes.

"Research, monitoring and evaluation must be needs-driven, utilisation focused and participatory in nature"