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Advancing inclusion and rights through research, accredited training & advocacy

Enza works to improve LGBTI inclusion and enable access to social, health and justice services for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through tailored programmes that emphasise human rights, particularly sexual and reproductive rights. We conceptualise, fund-raise and implement programmes that typically include:

RESEARCH. We specialise in strategic research with a focus on LGBTI inclusion as well as access to social, justice and health-related services. We believe that research & dialogue are essential to understanding and addressing challenges facing the LGBTI community. We pride ourselves on our innovative, electronic tools and a research basis that is valid, reliable and useful.


ACCREDITED TRAINING. We develop SETA-accredited training courses that are tailored for different audiences in organisations across sectors, from government agencies to civil society to the private sector. Our programmes are offered online or face-to-face (or both) and are unit standards-based and result in certificates of competence.


ADVOCACY. We believe in equal rights for all, and our advocacy work focuses on stigma, discrimination and prejudice, hate crimes, health disparities, violence and human rights. A society where people can live openly and without fear of discrimination will encourage positive attitudes and help people accept and integrate differences in sexual orientation and gender identity.


Not only is M&E key to our programmes, we also consult


PLANNING, MONITORING & EVALUATION. Rock-solid planning, monitoring and evaluation are essential to all our programmes, so we build these in from the start – and we deliver all the way through to the final report. We also provide consulting services to help organisations get the best out of their programmes through effective planning, monitoring and evaluation services that are participatory yet objective. Contact us, and let's discuss how we can be of service to you.