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About us

  • We are experienced implementers of donor-funded, multi-sectoral, national programmes that deal with HIV/AIDS-, LGBTI- and SOGI- (sexual orientation and gender identity) -related issues
  • We have a proven project management track record: We’ve been delivering quality, award-winning projects since 2008
  • We have a robust research methodology and proven research instruments, plus innovative electronic tools that allow for rapid deployment and anonymous & unlinked data collection 
  • We have experience in the design and delivery of SETA-accredited training programmes, especially programmes designed to empower the community, civil society and government agencies
  • We are a DSD-registered NPO as well as a 100% black-managed organisation with a BBBEE level 1 rating

Did you know?

Enza and Redpeg have been working together for more than a decade on many different projects. Enza has a strategic partnership agreement with Redpeg via a formal Memorandum of Understanding.