Advancing the right to dignity, non-discrimination, freedom and equality.

Enza is a registered NPO that works in southern Africa to improve the lived experience of the LGBTI community by enabling access to social, health and justice services and addressing Gender Based Violence (GBV). Our programmes, which include tailored research, accredited training, advocacy & community development activities, emphasise human rights – particularly sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Research, reach out, transform

As an outcome of our vast and varied experience, we have perfected an intervention model to work with different sectors and stakeholders to address LGBTI marginalisation and the challenges facing our community: Our programmes are evidence-based and deliver targeted capacity building, with a focus on behaviour change, that enable the competent provision of support to survivors and ensure access to social, health & justice services.

Theory of change

Based on 14 years’ experience, our theory of change helps us to describe what we do, how it brings about change, and how this change contributes to our ultimate goal: improving the lived experience of the LGBTI community, particularly black lesbian women. Long-term systemic change is needed at the individual, policy/programme and societal level to address the multiple layers of oppression, power, discrimination and abuse. We build programmes based on research and knowledge to address challenges at each of these levels.

Enza Services

We develop SETA-accredited training courses tailored for different audiences. Our programmes are offered online, face-to-face or both and result in certificates of competence.

We have successfully engaged in long-term advocacy processes that have changed practice; our advocacy work is based on research and is evidence-based.

We work alongside communities to build awareness about sexual orientation and gender identity, and to shift narratives to be more inclusive and affirming. We build capacity in other LGBTI organisations and groups to address the challenges they face.

Rock-solid planning, monitoring and evaluation are essential to all our programmes; we also consult to help others get the best from their programmes.

We specialise in strategic research with a focus on Gender Based Violence (GBV), SRHR and HIV, LGBTI inclusion and access to social, justice and health-related services.

Current Programmes

We conceptualise and implement strategic programmes that enable access to services and address Gender Based Violence.

Improving Access to Health & Justice Services for the LGBTI Community

This intervention targets capacity building and behaviour change among healthcare workers and police officers who are first responders to sexual assault, enabling them to competently provide the necessary support to survivors to ensure access to healthcare services and improve prospects for positive health outcomes.

The workshop that we had, it changed me so much; I had negative perceptions about [the LGBTI community]. Now I realise they are part of us, they are part of the community.

SAPS Member, Improving Access programme

If this training can go in a broader sense to the SAPS members, really, service delivery will be at a higher standard … it could really help the community.

SAPS member, GBV and the Law programme

I would recommend this training, to every station, mostly those that work outside … community service centre, crime prevention ... anyone who deals with clients, it is highly recommended.

SAPS member, GBV and the Law programme

It was helpful, as now I will change. When I see an LGBTI community member coming into the police station, I will definitely approach them the same as other community members.. so, with respect.

SAPS Member, Improving Access programme

In our police station we didn’t know how to help the LGBTI community members, this course helped me and [taught] me a lot of things so that I can go back and talk with colleagues and commanders.

VEP Coordinator, Improving Access programme

It [the programme] meant a lot. As a member of the LGBTI community myself – I work here, and it was a great platform… I’ll be able to express myself more [freely].

SAPS Member, Improving Access programme

Today I’ve learnt that we can treat them [the LGBTI community members] equally, as I would like to be treated. They are human beings, the fact that they are gay or lesbian doesn’t matter anymore.

VEP Counsellor, Improving Access programme

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Enza: Research, Reach Out, Transform

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