RESEARCH. We specialise in strategic research with a focus on LGBTI-inclusion and that’s related to accessing social, justice and health services. We believe that research is essential to understanding and addressing the challenges to everyone’s right to dignity, non-discrimination, freedom and equality. We pride ourselves on our innovative tools and a research basis that is valid, reliable and useful.

RESEARCH TYPES. We have experience and expertise in conceptualising, designing and delivering various types of research, from large-scale roll-outs (in the form of KAPB surveys & economic impact assessments) to smaller scale analyses (such as needs, gap and situational analyses).

  • KAPB SURVEYS. This type of survey is useful for understanding what knowledge already exists on a topic as well as understanding feelings and perceptions of people and how this impacts on their behaviour. People’s behaviour, and changing their behaviour, is a complex intermix between what people know, how they feel about something (their attitudes), and what they perceive in the situation. It is essential to fully understand these levels if behaviour change is required. By understanding the audience, recommendations on how to implement a process more effectively can be made.
  • IMPACT ASSESSMENTS. We have many years of experience and have a variety of economic models available for providing the very best predictions for certain areas that impact on an organisation.
  • NEEDS, GAP & SITUATIONAL ANALYSES. These shorter-term investigations are specific, targeted and quick to implement, with results being able to be acted upon fast. While these types of analyses are often done to inform project conceptualisation or before commencement, they can also be done mid-project. A clear understanding of the need, gap or situation prior to project commencement will lead to better designed projects that are more likely to be effective and sustainable.

RESEARCH TOOLS. We use innovative research tools, which are available for all levels of research, to ensure quality and cost-effective results. While we do use traditional tools such as focus groups and paper-based questionnaires, we’ve developed electronic, online & mobile instruments that are available for all levels of research.

  • ELECTRONIC AND ONLINE. Our electronic handheld system, which looks like a remote control, can collect data in real-time from a large group of people, saving time and expense while allowing for anonymous and unlinked data collection. Our specialised online and mobile survey tools allow us to cost-effectively reach broader and more scattered populations.

OUTPUTS. All our research techniques and methodologies result in the output of a draft report for comment prior to the completion of the final report. In addition, we offer various presentation formats for research data, methodology and results.