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Who we are

ENZA is an NGO based in South Africa operating in Southern Africa. Our vision is for a world in which marginalized people, groups and communities can live free from the fear of violence, access critical services and enjoy their full set of rights – we do this through advocacy, capacity strengthening, movement building and research. 

Our focus areas include SGBV and femicide, women’s rights and we work with SGBV survivors, LGBTIQ communities, women living with HIV, people with disabilities and CBO’s.

What we do


We strengthen capacity of organisation’s through online and face to face training - developing new materials and converting existing content.


Indigenous knowledge underpins our approach. We conduct cutting edge research that speaks to invisibility, challenges and experiences and translates knowledge into programmes with service providers to make shifts in attitudes and behaviours and transform hostile spaces.


We advocate to change the system through legal challenges, online and on the streets activism. Changing the system also involves us working within the system – justice, police, health and social services to ensure they are safe spaces for marginalized groups.

What we can do for you

We believe that in order for marginalized people, groups and communities to fully realize rights we need systemic change as well as strong movements– where marginalized groups are able to address their own challenges. As Enza we support movements and organisations through online (see video below) and face to face capacity strengthening (programmatic and organizational development) – to ensure understanding about rights, to build resilience and to be in a position to access services and rights.

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